March 7, 2008

I'm Lovin' It!

small bites at Casa del Vino, while shopping

great sandwiches at Casa del Vino

I am loving my new life!
Just as I am ready to close my space in Florence,
my landlord comes back and offers to cut my rent in half!
Unheard of !
But I have been looking forward to the new programs in Chianti and Sicily.
Next year will add Le Marche and Puglia.
Taking people where I have friends to share my Italy!
This year I will get my cookbook out,
my dining guide and planning services website are almost ready.
I have my walking tours with lunch set up
Diva for a Day where I can still do my day programs
for those who have rented a villa or apartment!

Just finishing up the last Florence classes.
This week had a blast with return students who wanted to
be here for the last sessions.
The came prepared,
large empty suitcases for wine!

First stop
Gianni's Casa del Vino.
It is a shop for locals great prices and an incredible selection.

filling up the suitcases

Bringing back food and wine from Italy
are the best presents for friends.

Ok, your sister probably does want a fabulous leather bag,
but sharing a meal when you get home helps re-live the vacation
and is sure better than looking at a slide show.

Then back to the studio for our hands-on class.

The first fava beans of the season in a salad with fresh pecorino cheese.

Handmade orecchiete

with Roman cauliflower

( light green on the outside with an incredible structure.)
Sauteed with garlic, olive oil and chili
one of my favorite easy sauces.
A recipe from Puglia!

Duck breast with truffle honey
the apple cake on the website!

another perfect day!

Casa del Vino
via del Ariento, 16/r
Closed Sunday


  1. half-price? I wish my landlord would do that...

  2. Hi Judy,

    Would you mind sharing the address of the wine shop? And congratulations on your second career as a journalist.

  3. Judy, just catching up on all my favorite blogs and I see that you are closing up shop in Florence. Wow. Keep me posted on these new programs you are offering. Jeni