May 30, 2008

American Food Friday- Peanut Butter Cookies

foto by sara

Sara is really going after my soft spot with Peanut Butter cookies!

Even with peanut butter costing a fortune here.
I think a 1 cup size jar is about
5 euro, $7.50

I may just have to run out and buy some.

Now if we can just add some chocolate!!!

Mille Grazie Sara!


  1. OOOO yum!!! I LOVE peanut butter! Its much cheaper here, maybe I can ship you some?! :)

  2. Thanks!
    shipping stuff to Italy is a pain,
    I get my peanut butter fix when I go back home, but sometimes like this, you just gotta splurge!

  3. I hear you, sometimes you DO have to splurge. These look goooood.

    Now I am hungry!