May 4, 2008

Celebrating Spring- Exploding

spiders hatching!

I arrived home from New Orleans to find an explosion of color in the hills around my home.
Not just green, but red too!

Italian red poppies

What are the poppies already doing out?

While I was gone,
it rained daily and the sunshine in between,
really pumping up the gardens
and the countryside.

Roses, irises, acacia, scotchbroom.

iris. symbol of Florence

Cool mornings bring a waft of floral profume into my home, gotta love it!


antique roses, great for jams, jellies and syrups!

red broom

our strawberries

wild borage, you can eat the leaves ( they taste like cucumbers)
as well as the flowers

But besides all the wonders of the market now, aspargus, artichokes, fresh peas and fava beans try making Garmugia
a fabulous spring stew from Lucca, make it even if you just have some of the ingredients;

My capocollo is ready!

If you have not seen my Whole Hog blog that I do with my friend Kate.
stop by for updates on making your own capocollo.


  1. Hi Judy! What a pretty post with all your flowers in bloom! :)

  2. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Nice piece of meat ya got there. Holy crap that looks amazing!