May 17, 2008

Sweet life

even the graffiti artists love sweets!

My friend Judith in Umbria is on a quest.
To have Italians appreciate American food.

What is not to love about her post this week on Doughnuts!

foto from Judith's site.

I am so there, that I am going shopping and will have them for a snack this afternoon
with some tea or a caffelatte.

Why is fried anything fabulous?
Recently I had fried okra in New Orleans, which changed my mind about okra.

Here in my village of Certaldo, in Tuscany, they do fried breadsticks called Donzelle
Usually salted, my friend Giuseppina
serves them with Nutella.

I adore salt and chocolate so will also put that on my list today of these to document!

Off to shop, it is Saturday, market day in the main square.
Raining here.
Great weather for cooking.

So I made a half of Judith's recipe,
it is just me and the hubby.

Last Sunday was first communion here
and I was telling my husband about going to get donuts
after mass, and that my favorites were the donut holes.

so using a tequila shot glass from Mexico

I formed small "holes"

and fried and glazed them with a powdered sugar and milk glaze.

I didn't even have to go to Mass!


  1. Wow, you've inspired me to make them! After all, I did just drop two pounds, so why not celebrate? These look delicious.

  2. Yum Oh! These look so delish Judy!

  3. Yum, yum, yum. I am SERIOUSLY on the next train to your place.

    Also, I *love* fried okra, girl! It is one of Pep's favorite southern foods.

  4. Salty Chocolate covered Pretzels are some of the best treats in my part of the planet. I have a fear of frying, though. Mostly because my old stove was so untrustworthy, but now I have a new stove, I want to get a good pot to fry things your doughnut recipe.

  5. Monika5:29 PM

    Hi there,
    I've just started reading your blog. I live in Florence, all the way from Australia.
    I too can't get over the produce here. I honestly can say I have not tasted asparagus properly before this week. It was delicious!! And those doughnuts of yours look great (probably not as healthy as asparagus but yum yum!)

  6. YUMMY!!! My mother in law sent me your blog and I have to tell you, my whole family is traveling to Italy for the very first time in June! Tuscany is one of the many places we will visit....Rome, Venice etc! I will have to come and read regularly so I get a feel of Italy. We are Italians and are so excited to go! We even started taking Italian lessons so that we are able to speak a bit when we go!! LOVE your blog!!!