May 26, 2008

Weekend festivals and Sagra's

tomorrow's bakers

Weekends in Spring mean sagra's or festivals.
We decided to go by train to the nearby village
of Castelfiorentino for inCanti e Banchi

first passing by the our own town square for the
National Bread Day.

The local school was selling freshly baked bread made by the local bakers
and they had also done a project
that was on display in the square.

I thought it was very nice that the Celaic's also had a stand there
Explaining the allergy to flour and giving information.

We learned something new today too.
When you go to buy a train ticket and there is a little sign of the bus on the schedule,
there is NO TRAIN,
it is substituted by a bus.
We saw some kids running around and decided to go look.
OOPS we almost missed the bus!

Learn something new.
The bus was fun, it took 15 minutes instead of the 7 by train.

We arrived as the town band was playing

Then we walked around the artisan show, where they demonstrated their works.
It is always really special to meet the people that are continuing
such great traditions.

I wish I had a bigger house to fill it with these works of daily art.

hand carving pieces for chairs

teaching kids to carve

one of the master's pieces.
he did the fountain in Certaldo's park near the train station

one of my personal favorites,
the Cicciao, candy maker!


This year there was a national trip recipe competition
and a restaurant was set up in the upper village where the antique sale was going on.

There were over 10 different types of tripe.
This classic version was very good!
( I was a vegetarian for 7 years, and now eat all in Italy!)

It was also the weekend for the open wine cantina's so I am sure the roads were full!

If you come next May, be sure to plan the weekends joining in on a celebration somewhere.
You will thank me!


  1. I see why the candymaker is a favorite!

  2. I only wish I could be where you go. Every time I visit your site, I feel like I am taking a nice Italian vacation.

  3. A tripe competition, I love it! That bread looks divine, too.