July 11, 2008

Market Treats

When I have time off, there is nothing I love more than
going to the weekly market in my village.
Although I really don't know that many people, by the time I leave,
I know something more about almost everyone there!

My favorite past time is eavesdropping
and even better yet, just catching part of conversation.

I live outside of town, so am not there everyday to hear the news.
But come Wednesday, everyone is at the market.
It is where one can buy directly from the producers and farmers,
pick up some new pots and pans or curtains.
What about a new rug?

Time to put up tomatoes?
the hardware store guy has everything!

It is fun to see the corner where the husbands are dropped off
while the women shop and talk.

But most off all, I love the food shopping.

Found some Saturnia peaches, they are a vanishing fruit.
Farmers used to grown them between the grapevines.

They are white on the inside and would be fabulous for a Bellini.
After reading David's posting on Peach Leaf wine,
and seeing peach leaves at my vendor's I followed suit!

I don't have a big freezer either for lot's of ice,
but can immagine a nice glass as the sun goes down.

Next inspiration where these blossoms

which became stuffed with fresh sheeps milk ricotta,
and instead of my delicate egg batter, I used the Sicilian wao of bread crumbing them.

Loved the crunch.

Zucchini's are all over the market now,
here in Tuscany we get several varieties
most are the long ridged zucchini, but also round.

Last week I did beef stuffed round zucchini in tomato sauce

Today I did zucchini carpaccio, perfect in this heat.
Used my mandoline and sliced them lengthwise.

Just drizzle with olive oil, some lemon juice and salt.
Shave parmesan cheese on top.

Next time I think I will add some toasted pinenuts.


  1. Oh how I just love the markets over there..takes me ages to walk round...great photos.

  2. We were lucky to be in Ariccia on Market Day and it is a treat. We are planning a trip to Tuscany in the fall. Do you know where I can find a schedule of Market Days?

  3. Susan- Tuscany is huge, where are you going to be? I am putting together a list of places from Florence to Siena, in my "hood".

  4. Oh my God the first picture made me cry. Sono di Castelfiorentino ed i miei nonni materni erano di Certaldo. Abitavano in via Giacomo Puccini: circa 100m dal luogo della foto dove si vede "la mensa". Now I live in Seattle.