July 27, 2008

More than just "Girlfriend Getaways"

I was pleased to find out that Divina Cucina was included in National Geographics
Best Girlfriend Getaways Worldwide by Marybeth Bond!

This summer I have not only had Best Girlfriends for custom trips,

but mom's with kids,


father and daughter

and reunions of friends.

All sharing a passion for food, wine and life.
I adore making it all happen, when I first moved to Italy i 1984,
I wish I had had a best friend in Florence.

That is what part of my services include,
making dreams come true,
hanging out with locals

Chianti has been on it's best this summer,
with incredible light
and not too much heat.

Last week they said, " It is like Napa on steroids!"

When people leave me, they take more away than a few recipes,
hopefully a real insight into the Tuscan way of life
and the natural beauty.

I get so many letters from past clients that when they go home
feel the RENAISSANCE- rebirth from having experienced the Tuscan Way!

Not only food and wine, but new friendships made along the way.

A new way to look at time spent shopping for food, or preparing it
and more than that sharing time at the table.

Dig in to Life!
Take huge portions.

Easy summer recipe.

Gelato Affogato
Put a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream in a large tumbler. Pour a shot of hot expresso on top.


I first had this at Prego in San Francisco, they used white chocolate ice cream
and topped it with whipped cream!

Other favorite combo's are:
Lemon sorbet with Vodka
Chocolate with Whiskey

At a small place near my house in Florence I had green apple sorbet with Calvados.

What sets your taste buds dancing?

I make my limoncello milkshake with my homemade limoncello
after a summer meal it is perfetto!

Don't forget about my watermelon Granita
or David Lebovitz's version of my recipe as popsicles
with a kick!

I am dreaming about October in Sicily and the NY Times is too!


  1. Fantastic...and to have lots of different people with you..What fun.

    I love Sicily...:-)

  2. Judy, I have nominated you for the arte y pico blogging award http://foodycat.blogspot.com/2008/07/thanks-alex.html I love when you have a new post up!