July 6, 2008

Under the Tuscan Sky

Under the Tuscan Sun takes on new meaning when it is hitting over 100 degrees
and you live in a country where air conditioning is considered a danger to your health!

But somehow we manage to survive, even those of us with ice in our drinks,
A/C or fans on
taking a shower after eating or going for a swim
or walking around with wet hair and barefoot.

I find Italians have different wife's tales than Americans do,
but they are true for them.

So what does a cooking teacher do on her days off?

Come on in and see!

welcome to my house.
( I just realized that my "knocker" makes a "J")

Here a few days off from work, and a break in the heat had me back in the kitchen.

At Saturday's market the fish truck called my name
and I was inspired by the fat fresh anchovies to make a version
of Sarde in Soar, a Venetian dish, inspired by the Spanish,
it is similar to Escabeche.

A classic recipe to preserve fish in hot weather.
The fish is lightly floured and fried and then "pickled" in vinegar which preserves it.

I took the heads off the fish.
Then cleaned out the guts
( I will save you from those foto's).

I sauteed some sweet red onions in olive oil,
then splashed them with tart homemade red wine vinegar
and added a few tablespoons of sugar and salt to taste.

The fish are placed in a serving dish and then
layerd with the onion, sweet and sour mixture.

The sweet and sour often is served with raisins and pinenuts.
in the vinegar.
I found a different version in a Sicilian cookbook,
which had some bay leaves and mint added.

I made them yesterday and let them chill in the refrigerator.

A perfect summer lunch!

Another favorite is a simple Caprese.

Slices of ripe tomatoes
topped with tiny halves of buffalo mozzarella bocconcini, the tiny bite-size balls,
served only with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

( another Italian food rule)

Fruit bought from the farmer's market ripes too quickly
and calls out for a cobbler!

peaches, apricots and cherries

Have a nice summer!


  1. What a pleasure finding you today! Looking forward to trying new recipes...

  2. Such gorgeous photos, and tempting recipes! The cobbler looks amazing. You've inspired me!

    Today at our house? Cherry cobbler. :)

  3. My cherries always get eaten before I get to cooking them. This cobbler had a few, with the peaches and apricots.