October 18, 2008

Market- Catania's Fish Market

Probably one of the most fun fish markets in Italy is the Catania fish market.

We stopped by with our slow food group and had some fresh sea urchins sold already cleaned in a small cup with a "mussel" spoon!

It was like eating the sea.

I prefer it without the lemon, which was squeezed on before serving.

I have just returned to Palermoand will catch up with tastes and tales from this whirlwind tour of Sicily
next week when I return to Tuscany.


  1. I remember my husband diving into the waters of Positano to impress me and coming up with sea urchins which he'd cut open on the beach with a special scissor knife aand we'd eat them with a 'spruzzata di limone'.

    These photos make me pine for pasta e vongole!

  2. There is nothing like being at the seaside and having fish so fresh it tastes like the sea!

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh I am sad...:-( that reminded me of our great holiday in Sicily..we went to the great fish market in Ortigia, it was just amazing.