October 14, 2008

Merci Lucy

One thing I love about the internet is the constant learning.

I love to read Lucy's blog, Kitchen Notebook, not only for her words,
which paint such vibrant images,
but also for the images themselves.

She is a fabulous photographer and I can't wait to see her report
on our week in Sicily.

This is the new trick I learned from Lucy today.

Merci Lucy-
I think I got it now.


  1. You are not going to share the photo trick?
    I have been trying to do since I started my blog.

    I am photo challenged.

  2. Stacy, when you put your foto's on the blog, choose the placement selection NONE. then you can move the m where you want.
    I had to tweek the HTML to remove foto border

  3. I see you have a recipe for Salame Dolce, which sounds like our own PA Dutch Sweet Bologna! I imagine there is some form of sweet baloney in every country.

  4. She is a stunning photographer! I'm sure you two had a great trip together.