October 20, 2008

Postcards from Sicily

Some images from Sicily
until I have time to write!

I have always loved these "sayings" on ceramic tiles

This gypsy sleeping on the church steps looks like a painting
the light inside and outside the church was magic.

Traffic jams in the countryside with sheep

Tomatoes drying for winter

The BEST cannolo at Caffe Sicilia in Noto
with pastry chef- food god
Corrado Assenza.

Recipes to follow.


  1. janie4:04 PM

    I feel like I can taste that cannolo!

  2. Oooohh that cannolo looks delicious! Yum! Beautiful photos.

  3. Toni Pacitti6:07 PM

    Are you familiar with a restaurant in Sicily - I believe it's in the north, but toward the east - called Da'Pellegrino? My uncle took us there about four years ago and it was simply wonderful. No menus. We were fed for about three hours. The food just kept coming.

    The owner had autographed pictures on the wall of Pavarotti and Bocelli. He had also come to the US as the official cook for Italy's soccer team when the Olympics were held in Atlanta.

    If you know of this place, I would appreciate the address. My uncle passed away two years ago and I can't locate any information on this place via the internet.


  4. Tony there is a restaurant in Neivole, near Montecatini with that name