October 23, 2008

Simple Sicilian Pleasures

"I love you princess"

If parmesan cheese is the "King of Cheeses"
Fresh ricotta, candid and white
is the Princess!


Nothing is more splendid than eating fresh ricotta on it's own.
Savory or sweet.

Sheep are everywhere and sheeps milk ricotta will win you over right away.
It is served at almost every meal we have had.
Just plain.

Perfection needs nothing.

stand in the Capo market in Palermo
baked ricotta in the upper left of the stand.

Fresh ricotta is unsalted, the salted version is aged.

So ricotta is the key ingredient for cannoli, sweetened with powdered sugar
chocolate shards and candied orange peel.

I also adore it with pistacchio's and olive oil and a touch of sea salt from Trapani.

More coming when I arrive home tonight!


  1. yum! that ricotta looks incredible.

    xoxo, tribeca yummy mummy

  2. i don't know which picture i love the most!