October 11, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing?

With todays news of the market crashing-
countries going bankrupt

We all need to think about the simple postive things in life.

A fabulous flavor combination I have come to love in Italy
Bread and Chocolate.

Saltless Tuscan bread is perfect to have with a bite of a simple bar of chocolate.

Last week when we were travelling the Tuscan Chocolate Valley,
we had plenty of both!

Choice of rustic small loaves are perfect for a snack.

One of my personal favorites is Paul Debondt for his sense of joy with chocolate.
Look at this incredible sample of an Easter egg he did for us in a demo,
in the backround, his " SALAMI" made with gianduja.

I am more if a "nuts and chews" girl given the choice,
but this year Andrea Bianchini's flavors won me over.
Like little jewels!
Saffron, Carmel and sea salt, balsamic vinegar, Rum and other creative surprise flavors.

Vestri is always thinking up new packaging and presentation.
These are his "LOVE BITES".

Look at the colors!
While I am down here in Sicily and going to pick up Pistacchio's!


  1. How beautiful! And I can only imagine how delicious! I'm drooling!

  2. You made me smile.
    With all the bad news about the stock market and U.S. economy, who doesn't love chocolate?
    Simplicity, a good loaf of bread, and a great bar of chocolate.
    How about a spread of nutella on that toast?

  3. Stacy- nutella on bread for breakfast is a perfect example of bread and chocolate. Italy's peanut butter!

  4. Oh those chocolates look devine.:-)

  5. OH MY GOD. can the italian easter bunny swing by our house?
    those look devine! please eat some chocolates for the rest of us.

    xoxo, tribeca yummy mummy

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Judy - what a lucky girl you are! I still live in the memories of the last year tour which has been a fabulous trip and you went there again...you just live in the right spot :-)
    Hope they all enjoyed this year´s chocolate week as much as I / we did last year :-)

    Sunny greetings from Cape Town!

  7. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but you start this blog off lecturing us to "think about the simple positive things of life" and where does it end up? Saffron flavored candy? And I can't help but wondering how much that "rustic" bread costs. My guess well out of reach for most "peasants".

    Maybe I'm way out of touch here, but it bothers me to see yet another ex-pat American gushing over Mediterranean ways, with the sub-text being, you should only dream of living like this. No what am I saying? The subTITLE exhorts us to be "Tuscan at least once a day". Who is really out of touch here? Methinks not me.

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