November 3, 2008

Extra Virgins!

We are doing the new oil dance here!!!

Since I brought back my 5 liters from Sicily
and just got another liter from my neighbors,


Whenever new foods come into season,
there is always a festival to celebrate
called a sagra.

But why wait?

The best way to enjoy the "peppery-bite" of new oil
is simply on toasted bread, rubbed with garlic
and sprinkled with sea salt.

Called fettunta in Florence,
fette-slice.... unta-greasy.

Have plenty of napkins ready!

New oil is perfect on:

hot Tuscan beans
grilled steak
twice-cooked veggies
orange salad with fennel and black olives

ice cream????

so i hear, will try and let you know!

what do you do with your new oil?


  1. Hello! We just returned to Chicago after spending a week in Panzano. We brought back 8 bottles of new oil! It's so good! My husband just called me to tell me that we've used up half a bottle and he's worried that we'll run out before too long.

  2. once you have had new oil, it is hard to go back.
    Most of my clients get about 20 liters per year shipped.

    saving it for the drizzling oil!


  3. What wonderful tales of Sicily..reminds me of our holiday in 2006.

    We are going to Liguria next week for 10 days..but I am going to miss the Olive festival :-(..but if the weather is bad , it will be on when I am there..don't want bad weather for the locals, but I would like to see it ..

  4. Oh how I wish I could be part of making the oil and collecting the olives during this season like my friends in Frosinone. I sooo want to move there; I have always felt it's where I belong. Just go back from a month in Italy and I am homesick to come back.

  5. Rebecca6:50 PM

    I am so envious of your haul. Can you suggest anyone selling evoo online?

  6. Rebecca- email me for more info on oil.
    I have lots if friends that ship!