November 26, 2008

Good enough to eat!- I won!!!

Having finally gotten faster internet connection, I decided to participate in an Italian foto contest, with Massimo B's Kelablu blog on Flickr, Rancio Quotidiano, "your daily rations" he asks participants to fotograph what they are about to eat.

As you saw, I recently made Bollito Misto for an article on Xmas dinner and did a bowl of broth as one of the foto's for the article!I sent this in to Massimo's blog and WON!

This is what he gave as the reason:
Dai fiammighi colori della settimana scorsa ai toni caraveggeschi dei tortellini: cresce vertiginosamente la qualità del concorso che diventa internazionale grazie al contributo della lettrice Judy Witts (che grattugia!).

From the Flemish colors of last week to Caravaggio style tortellini: The quality of the contest has jumped to new heights, thanks to the international contribution of Judy Witts.
( what a grater!)

Thanks Massimo!

If you want to practice your Italian follow Massimo, on Gambero Rosso, with his blog Kelablu, one of Italy's best bloggers!


  1. Congratulations Judy! We already knew that you and your recipes were winnters, now your photos are too! A true rennaisance woman!

    P.S. Congrats too on the the faster internet!

  2. Complimenti! If this fiorentina comes out well, maybe i will submit a photo. Happy Thanksgiving. dds

  3. go for it dwight!

  4. Hello Diva
    complimenti per la foto e per il premio.
    Un abbraccio
    Evelin e Massimo