November 9, 2008

I love Pumpkin!

a Fall palate in the hills

in the market

on the table

Pumpkins are so fall!

Not only do you have left-overs from halloween,but the hills are also covered in various shades of gold, rust and green which are all pumpkin inspired.

I adore pumpkin in soup, risotto and gnocchi.
I like to roast the pumpkin for gnocchi, they absorb less water and need less flour!

Try pumpkin gnocchi served with traditional balsamic vinegar and shaved parmesan cheese!
The lovely elixir like qualities of traditional balsamic are a great contrast to the grilled pumpkin slices too.

Thanks Andrea, for reminding me!

Here is my soup, based on Fabio Picchi's yellow bell pepper soup, using pumpkin instead of the peppers. I follow Fabio's lead in garnishing with parmesan cheese, crushed amaretto cookies
and a lovely drizzle of traditional balsamic vinegar, which is worth every penny.

zuppa di zucca gialla
Using the best ingredients is the most wonderful gift to yourself and in a cost per serving is nothing!!!


But the recipe that is the most requested in
this house is:

grilled marinated pumpkin, sicilian style.

Remove the thick "skin" from the pumpkin.
Grill or oven roast the thin slices in olive oil with salt.
I layer then slices with thin slices of garlic,chili pepper flakes
salt to taste.
To be Sicilian, a splash of white wine vinegar, sugar and some mint.

Cover with olive oil ( i only use extra virgin) and it keeps in the fridge.

Simple and easy to make, I love to keep these in the fridge for snacking anytime
or to use as part of a dish.

Todays lunch was the grilled pumpkin-
Tuna and zolfini bean salad with radishes and chives-and stuffed cherry peppers in oil with capers and anchovy.

My friends in Palermo have started to put traditional recipes on their blog
and have included the pumpkin recipe too
Stop by!

Next up,curing your own olives!


  1. Love this idea, and I'm working on a BlogHer post on expanding your definition of pumpkin! Perfect!

  2. I love pumpkin too!!
    Especially with Balsamic :)

  3. kayln- thanks, in Italy pumpkin is considered meat for the poor. we have tons of recipes using pumpkin.

    Andrea- thanks for reminding me,
    I used to teach a class using all balsamics and did a gnocchi di zucca with balsamic and parmigiano.

    Will put that on site too!

  4. Judy, I love pumpkin too! Will try your recipe tomorrow with the pumpkin we have decorating the front entryway.

    I also can't wait for your recipe to cure olives! We are spending all sunny days picking picking picking. Last week in 4.5 days we picked enough to make over 150 liters of extra-virgin. Good stuff!

    What a bumper crop we have this year...especially when compared to last year when one whole field wasn't even worth harvesting there were so few.

  5. Oh, yummy! I love pumpkin gnocchi. It is truly one of my favorites. And I love eating in Italy in the fall -- so many delicious dishes. I wish I was there right now...

  6. And you remind me a "soup" of pumpkin (like a cream, to eat with spoon) with Parmigiano Reggiano, crushed amaretti and some drops of Balsamico on top ... mmmhh, delicious!

  7. Deliciousness! You've convinced me to finally buy a grill - truly so mouthwatering I have to try it.

  8. Katrina- I have a cast iron skillet grill I use stovetop!

  9. Inspired by your post I decided to roast some pumpkin only to find that here once Halloween is over it is almost impossible to find a pumpkin! I'm hoping that the farmers market tomorrow might have some for sale.

  10. Janie- usually can find a butternut squash someone in a market. I just made pumpkin soup and pan roasted pumpkin to make gnocchi for tomorrow!