November 15, 2008

Pleasures of Pumpkin-again

pumpkin gnocchi with sage, butter and parmesan

With the crisp fall weather holding before the wet winter sets in,I am having a love affair with pumpkin.

I am lucky to not have to buy whole pumpkins,but slices, as I need them.

I find myself cooking pumpkin in many ways. So far I have done the grilled pumpkin which is something which cannotbe missing in my fall fridge for snacking on at our house.
pumpkin soup, using the tricks from Cibreo.

Probably the next way of serving it will be to make Francesca's
pumpkin and leek risotto, with a kick of chili!

For last night's gnocchi,
I used a nice slice of pumpkin, and pan-roasted it with olive oil and sage.
Then pureed it and let it sit overnight.

I prefer roasting the pumpkin to concentrate the flavor and the pumpkin is also less wet!
In Florence we tend to "roast" stovetop, instead of using the oven.

Stovetop cooking uses gas which is less expensive here
and ovens are electric which costs more.

For the two of us:
Gnocchi di Zucca Gialla

200 grams roasted pumpkin, pureed
200 grams mashed potatoes
100 grams flour
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

It is easy to cook the potato and pumpkin in a microwave too, and mash them together.
I do not like to use eggs in making gnocchi as it makes a wetter dough and needs more flour
and creates a heavier dough.

This dough is soft, so I make it and let it rest.

Bring a pot of salted water to boil.
Using two small spoons, drop the "gnocchi" into the boiling water.
When the gnocchi are cooked, they float to the top.

Remove and place in a skillet where you have melted butter with some sage leaves.

Serve with extra parmesan cheese
and a drizzle of traditional balsamic vinegar.

This was a huge hit with my husband!
He will probably look like a pumpkin soon
as he wants me to make more gnocchi, and grilled pumpkin too!

Try this thanksgiving for a change!


  1. That sounds fantastic! I think I'll be trying these for dinner tonight.


  2. this looks wonderful. pumpkin gnocchi is one of my favorite things, and i'll have to try it making it homemade one of these days. maybe for dinner tomorrow night.

  3. Yummy! I am going to try this soon. Thanks!

  4. Somehow I missed the risotto recipe, but I'm going to try it soon! I love roasting the pumpkin too, but I use my oven.

    I've never tried to make gnocchi before - I'm a little intimidated!, but thanks to your tips I just might give it a try!

    We just finished lunch...a pumpkin quiche with pine nuts and parmesan! We'll probably be orange too!

  5. MrsJay1:14 PM

    YUM! I've been in a pumpkin mood lately, too. Roasted or grilled pumpkin has been our cotorno quite frequently over the past few weeks. I also made a recipe for chili with brisket and pumpkin that I got from Bon Appetit that was to die for!

  6. this sounds so good, and its morning here and i am already salivating for it...

  7. I'll be making this tonight! Maybe toss with sauteed garlic, oyster mushrooms and olive oil. Yum.

  8. I spend a lot of time thinking about pumpkin. While most things Tuscan thrill me, pumpkin is not one of them. As Australians, we really miss the dense sweet pumpkin grown there. Wonderful roasted. The Italian version is very watery by comparison, except for maybe butternut and can you imagine my joy when I finally found one of those!

    For two years now my husband has been planting Kent pumpkin seeds from Australia - last year we had one reasonable one and two very small. This year we had only one. We cut it for Christmas.

    This long comment is to ask you what kind of pumpkin you buy for your gnocchi. Love your blog!