January 28, 2009

Let me be your Italian Mamma!

When I first came to Florence in 1984, I never thought it would be home. But 25 years later here I am.

I first began teaching cooking to Syracuse University students here are on a study abroad program in 1988. The first book was a collection of the 4 dinners we prepared during the 4 week session.

When I started my Market to Table Class in 1997, the book became larger. I never know what recipes we would make after shopping at the market, so for me it was easier to just have all my favorite recipes in one place.

My dream was to actually publish this book; but I am not good at all the things one needs to do to get a book "published". When I went to a publisher a few years ago to present my proposal, basically I was told unless I was the new Mario Batali or Rachel Ray, forget it.

I don't take no for an answer, here is my answer: self-publish.

It took me awhile to get the look I wanted, the original book was handwritten, fotocopied and spiral bound! I wanted to keep the feel of a collection of recipes, passed on by family and kept in a journal.

Here is a sample page with one of the traditional main courses: Arista, Tuscan Roast Pork

click on the recipe to see larger

My friend Angie painted the Divina Cucina angel and Mark created a old-style cover for me.

I wanted the book to look like you inherited it from your Italian mamma.

Let me be your mamma! I am not Italian, but 25 years of cooking for an Italian makes me
one I think. All the recipes have been tested by my husband Andrea and passed with flying colors.

The book is going to the printers on Monday and will be ready when I get back from my teaching trip to the states.

Order now and they will be in the mail in March!

email me at diva [at] divinacucina.com to get on the list!

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