January 4, 2009

A small gift for Pigging out in 2009

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For those of us who don't want to try to get whole hog or even a half a hog to make porchetta
here is a smaller home version I do using pork belly, known as pancetta in Italy. Not the pancetta which is already cured like bacon, but meaning just "the belly", la pancia.

I adore taking the fresh pancetta and slicing it then marinating it with red wine vinegar, oregano, fennel pollen and chili pepper flakes and then grilling it!

Instant satisfaction.

But if I have time, making this mini-porchetta is lovely for a luscious winter meal with friends.
Roast some potatoes or make some lentils to enjoy this rich rolled pork!

Break out great bottle of red or a fun lambrusco.

For those of


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    That recipe came out awfully small! It is sure to be delicious.

  2. The seasoned pancetta sounds mouthwatering. My friend from Spain sent me some Iberian Acorn Ham which would probably be fantastic served this way as well!!

  3. BEllini,
    it is not a prosciutto or a aged pancetta, but using the fresh pancetta....
    otherwise roasting would make it too salty!

  4. I knew I should have asked for a pig for Christmas! We make roast pork shoulder every year in January. It's a fun tradition!

  5. Mini Porchetta + Fun Lambrusco ... It's like a dream! :D

  6. Ah,lucky you to be living in Italy. We lived in Milan for 7 years and fell in love with that great country. We now cook and eat Italian as often as possible. I miss the food, the markets and the amazing ingredients.