March 18, 2009

Father's day in Italy- March 19th

Everyone was asking me what I was doing for Saint Patrick's day here in Italy.
NOTHING... I could hang out with American college kids drinking green beer I suppose, but never really did when I was in college.

But there is always some celebration going on in Italy and here March 19th is Father's day.

San Giuseppe- Saint Joseph- father of Jesus!!!!
Of course any celebreation means food.

Next year I will go down to Salemi, outside of Palermo to see the San Giusseppe alters, decorated with bread dough sculptures. The detail taken in creating these objects in amazing. At TASTE the other day, they had some samples.

In Tuscany we have fried sweet rice fritters, which I adore.

Here is the recipe on my site.

I just received a note on a recipe from Palermo for Sfinge, which are fried stuffed cream puffs, filling them with ricotta like cannoli. The recipe is in Italian.. but you get the idea from the foto.
Make the cream puff dough, fry them instead of baking them and then stuff with sweetened ricotta.

My friends in Palermo with the tiny B&B AGAVE, also are posting on what's cooking there, I see the Italian version is getting more recipes than the English version of the blog, but you can practice your Italian.

Hope you can enjoy some of these specialties, but even more, come here and Celebrate!


  1. Delightful information! Maybe tomorrow I will surprise my Italian Sweetie with an Italian Father's Day and Frittelle di Riso. He deserves the recognition!

  2. I'm heading to Salemi for Le Cene di San Giuseppe tomorrow! It's only about 30 minutes away from Marsala. I'll let you know how it is.

  3. michelle- hope you get to see some of the "alters"
    take tons of foto's

  4. I remember once having a pasta with pieces of orange or orange rind in celebration of St. Joseph's day. I don't remember the other ingredients. I wonder if you are familiar with this...if so, would you email me a recipe or an idea of other ingredients. Thanks!

  5. Joan,
    could be something Sicilian!!! don't know sorry

  6. Hi Diva Judy, I tried the Fritelle de Riso with mixed results. Tasted good, looked "different" from yours. You can see the results on my blog. Your Diva title is quite safe!

  7. I admire the concept and solely the talent which is put in here.Regards.

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