March 11, 2009

Finalemente- back online and home

Leaving Tuscany in winter and returning to find spring is one of the greatest joys.
My wild violets are blooming and the first irises are showing their purple glory.

The trip to the West Coast was a huge success and perfect timing as winter in Tuscany is slow to say the least. I enjoyed the travel and new friends I met as well as the time spent with old friends. I taught recipes from my various trips around Italy which have inspired me, Puglia and Sicily as well as Tuscan favorites.

My trip took me from Sonoma to LA and back. I did a class at the lovely new teaching kitchen at Cavallo Point at the old Fort over looking the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out GastronoMichaels write-up on class.

The foto above is my hilltown village of Certaldo, half-way between Florence and Siena on the train. I hope to start a new project here this year. Stay tuned for news. It is a very special place with two market days a week, a mamma restaurant as well as a Michelin starred place and other secrets I would love to share!

During this trip I also taught in Eugene, Oregon and then hung out with my friend, Master Chef Robert Reynolds in Portland. Seattle was great as always. Sold out classes at Diane's Market Kitchen, if you get a chance, she is me..... there! Knows everyone at the market and does tours and classes.

Tomorrow I go to check out the printers to see how my book is coming along. I can't wait to hold it in my hands! With the loss of my laptop in LA ( rental cars don't all have automatic locking of doors!!!) in the Whole Foods parking lot in Pacific Palisades, I felt lost trying to stay on top of things and wasn't able to take the time to get a new computer until a couple of days before I left. So I think the only thing missing for the book, is the inside flap intro and foto for the cover and we will be ready to go.

When I found my external harddrive and plugged it in, it wouldn't open, causing me a few moments of panic. But after a short GOOGLE research, I was saved!
I had to "unlock" the harddrive on another computer and now have access to all that was saved.

Time to light a candle! I am now the proud owner of a new MacBook and am trying to catch up!

For those of you that also follow my writings, here is my last article for The American Magazine.

Instead I am now writing for Food Connect, on a twice weekly basis, please stop by and leave your feedback!

It is great to be home!


  1. Glad you are back "connected" and with a new computer! Can't wait for your book. I hope you'll ship to the US!

  2. Thanks for the note!
    yes I am shipping, am already taking orders on site.

    you can preorder now.

    will be ready at the end of the month!

  3. I preordered! Remember? :)
    Looking forward to seeing it ... and YOU. Let me know when you'll be in Florence.

  4. I like your blog!