March 25, 2009

Florentine New Year's Day- March 25th

Sometimes the sunshines and the planets line-up and all is well with the world.
Today is one of those days.

Florentine New Year celebrates the Incarnation, 9 months before the Navity, December 25th.

The Duomo in Florence is called Santa Maria del Fiore, in honor of Mary and many other holidays celebrate Mary rather than Jesus.

Today, I picked up my copy of my cookbook and feel like I just gave birth!

This project has been a dream since I first started teaching and created a handwritten cookbook to give to my student.

I really wanted to pass on the feel of a handwritten book, passed on from a family member with recipes that were tried and true!

Here it is - Divina Cucina's Recipes

Secrets of My Tuscan Kitchen is ready!

It can be ordered online, right now I have shipping listed at 5 euro, but found out today it will cost me 11 euro to ship, so order now to save!

I will probably raise the shipping price to 8 Euro.

The book for now will not be available on Amazon just from my site and also will be available at the Macelleria Cecchini in Panzano, in the Central Market at San Lorenzo ( Conti's) and probably at Paperback exchange in Florence on Via delle Oche.

I will have a full list when I get back from the states and get the distribution going!

Thanks to all of my fans!

You can order your autographed copy here on my site.


  1. Sharon Johnson2:24 AM

    Brava Judy! I am so thrilled for you. I have enjoyed so many of your classes in CA, and I cannot wait to get my copy of your cookbook!

  2. Congratulations on picking up your book! It sounds like it was a fitting day.

  3. I need this book.. will have to see what is on the credit card. My hubby would love for me to cook like an Italian, as he loves Italian food and I mean good Italian food not the junk that is processed, and your book will fit the bill. Love the cover of the book. Great job on the book and congratulations!

  4. can we order from the U.S.?

  5. I ordered my cookbook comes the waiting, and patience was never one of my strong points! Oh, the anticipation!

  6. yes- sorry if I was not clear.
    The book is for sale on my site and i ship!

    I am doing registered mail to be sure they get there.

    Since it is expensive to ship like this, I am using real Italian stamps for collectors. so don't throw away the envelope.. it is worth it's price if not more!

  7. Ouch, 42 US dollars. Bit the bullet, though. Hope sales are good.

  8. Scott- dollar just dropped this week to the euro!
    sorry- this book is full of my favorite and more important, my tuscan husbnad's favorite recipes-
    ALL OF THEM.. not just one!

    you can always write to me with questions too.

    and there is room to write in more recipes, and if you go to my site
    you will see a LOT, the book then doubles in size!

    My classes cost $250 each.. so this is 25 classes worth of recipes!
    and cheaper than a trip to Italy

  9. The book arrived today – thanks a lot! Will have an exciting evening checking it through (an some great future meals when cooking it through) ...