March 7, 2009

Good News- Bad News

Well. long story short.

Someone stole my laptop at the Whole Foods parking lot in Pacific Palisades!

Thank god, my external hard drive was in another bag.
Who knows what else was in the computer bag which was in another bag.

I will find out slowly what I lost.

( foto above, Emanuelle at my dinner at Angeli Caffe in LA, cute boys are always good news!)

Documents and recipes.

I can always re-write.

Foto's that had not been downloaded to flickr or picasa or to the harddrive, lost except ones I emailed to friends.

I return home to Florence Monday and will start the tedious job of redoing things.

BUT.. I have a short memory.. so will forget quickly.....what was lost and just get on with it!

So stay tuned for updates.

I had a fabulous tour-
Sonoma, Los Angeles, Sausalito

Eugene, oregon and Portland.... off to Seattle and then to Victoria, BC and Vancouver.

Old friends, new friends.

Now back home.

There's no place like home!


  1. That sucks!!!!
    Those most precious thing will mean nothing to anyone else.
    Welcome to the USA :-(

  2. I'm so sorry your computer was stolen but thank God you still had your hard drive. You have a good attitude about what's important.

  3. So sorry to hear this bad news. You have such a positive attitude, I am certain Karma will do right by you in the near future!

    Enjoying your blog as I plan for an Italy trip in the fall. :)

  4. oh no! sorry you had your laptop stolen! i feel your pain! i don't know what i would do without mine!

  5. Thanks for the kind words!
    at least it happened in America here replacing a computer is cheaper and easier!

  6. Sally Watkins4:10 AM

    Oh, I am so very sorry the USA was the site of such bad luck! Many apologies!

    Sally Watkins, CTC

  7. Not a good week for computers! Mine got a BAD virus in Hawaii the day before we left. It has been with the IT guy since Wednesday. At least I will get it back, but who knows what might be lost. As Bill says...back up, back up, back up!!!

  8. So sorry you had to end your trip that way. I really wanted to get to LA to see you-so I guess I'll have to try for Italy instead!

  9. Ben tornata (da domani)! I'm just so very glad your silence was due to a p-in-the-b rather than something else! Missed you! laura

  10. What an awful thing to happen, why do people do this? I hope your day wasn't totally ruined by this.

  11. Oh sh*t! I can imagine you're glad to be home - even though this stuff happens all over the world. Must have been a relief for the hard drive.

  12. Sorry to hear i had the exact same situation, and i was lucky i had my wd external hard drive.