April 12, 2009

The Books in the Mail

I feel like a proud mom, the first books I mailed are beginning to arrive in the hands of their new owners.

I received a very touching review of the book from a ex-student, chef, Sansunshine,who was in Italy in the early 90's and came to my class with his friend Justin who was studying at the Syracuse University program.

I taught a once-a-week survival cooking class for the kids for four weeks. This is where the collection of recipes started.

It is always nice to hear back from the kids that still use the old book and remember the class as one of the best things they did when in Florence.

Here is another feedback with the foto of the old book!

The book has finally come come full circle and will soon be available in Florence for sale.

If you are not coming to Florence, you can order online.

I will provide online assistance for the recipes too.

I am a teacher after all!

Plans for the future are online video classes,, using the book as a reference.

Click here to order your own copy!

Happy Eater!


  1. Congratulations. It's a wonderful accomplishment.

    I love that the teacher in you proposes helping your readers online.

    Can't wait to see your wonderful videos.

    Enjoy your new parenthood status.

  2. I love your book! Can't wait to work myself through the savory recipes (once I'm done with with dolci...)

  3. Brava!
    I know the feeling of accomplishment! I will be in Florence in June. Where can I get my copy? (copies!!)

  4. Mine was waiting in the mailbox Saturday when I arrived home from visiting the grandbabies. My lovely bride celebrates a birthday on Thursday, so this will be part of her gift, and I get to enjoy the results when she tries it out. But I can't bring myself to throw out the padded mailing envelope - it's beautiful, with the rainbow of gorgeous & exotic stamps from Italia.

  5. Dave, please don't throw away the envelope as those are collectors stamps!

    really- you can sell them on ebay or make some stamp collector happy!

  6. Congratulations Mom! Your baby looks delightful and a labor of love I'm sure. Love the old copy.