April 16, 2009

Edible Florence- Coccole

When I was down at Q.B the other day, someone also mentioned a new chocolate shop- say no more.. I was off on my search. I walked up Via Ginori and found Coccole on the left hand side of the street, where an old furniture store had been not far from Q.B.

David Belloti has been training with some of Tuscany's best and has created a lovely spot to stop and refuel in Florence, I had met him when he was at Luca Mannori's workshop in Agliana apprenticing.He has followed Luca's idea for space creating a sit-down chocolate "bar".

David with his mom and sister

Like most "bars" in Italy, it is less expensive to stand and enjoy your coffee and sweets, but for me, sitting down is worth the extra charge to take a break after walking on hard stone all day.

When you walk in to the shop, you walk right into the chocolate case with his bonbons, classic flavors such as hazelnut and amaretto and also some newer twists such as a light lemon sage or ginger ganache.

On top of the case you will see his cookies and pastry selection.
Today my friends tried several and gave Coccole their seal of approval.

There are tables to sit and people watch while enjoying chocolates, cakes, cookies with tea, coffee or hot chocolate! Get EVERYTHING with whipped cream!

Mixed plate of cookies, Ganache dessert and David's house "brownies", Chocolate and carmelized apple cake

Via Ginori, 55/57 r ( red numbers)

Just opened 2 weeks ago so not sure of their hours yet.


  1. Looks like this needs to be added to my "must visit" list for the next time I'm in Florence :)

  2. I will just have to remember this cute little shop next time i'm in Italy...which may not be for a while :) but still! how cute is that?? a sit-down sweets "bar"?? I will have to find it one day..

  3. Oh, charming! I can't wait to go!