April 3, 2009

Edible Florence- Q.B.

When one first learns to cook in Italy one of the first phrases you hear is q.b., Quantobasta, whatever is enough.

Well, Quanto Basta is now in my old hood, in a huge space which used to the the Cafe Caracol, mexican restaurant.

Run by two charming sisters, Elisa and Alessandra ( left to right in foto). This incredible space is going to be a new favorite of mine. For them a little is not enough!

What is so amazing is that it's multi functional- breaking away from the traditional lunch or dinner only, it will also serve as a space for tea and pastries, winebar with cheese and salumi, and the famous Italian "aperitivo", drinks with a buffet.

I also saw live music written on the blackboard annoucing concerts with some famous singers, so looks like these women want to party!

Not only that, but they are opening a pizza place next door and a cooks store!

Already you can buy many of the foods displayed to take home.

We went to try the buffet lunch which is 9,50 but read through the menu and prefered to do a "tasting".

We had a selection of sliced meats- salumi and 2 orders of the gnoccho fritto, a fried dough (served in Emilia Romagna with prosciutto), some bruschetta's, a fabulous splet- farro salad with artichokes and herbs. Hot battered fried cod, baccala, was probably the BEST! and would be wonderful with a bottle of white wine.

Alessandra is the wine expert, she was part of a wine show on the famous Gambero Rosso TV channel, which is based in Rome and their selection is incredible, by the bottle and by the glass.

But the true shining star was the desserts!

Tiny rice pudding mousse, served in a pastry shell with blueberries and the chocolate mousse served in a pitcher! WOW....

the bill was about 20 euro per person.

I can see it will be a place to meet and hang out as there is the restaurant space in the back but also a lovely inner courtyard, under a glass ceiling perfect for sitting and talking with friends!

q.b.- Quantobasta restaurant, winebar, sauce shop, wine store, pizza and store
click here for website, contatti for map)
Via Ginori,10/r
Closed Tuesday


  1. Wow what a fab place to "hang out" I love the idea of the tasting, just right for me and a lovely wine or two...one day will get to Florence :-)

  2. Wonderful! There should be more places like this! Thanks for the address, one never knows!

  3. Oh, on my next trip to Florence, I am totally going to eat here. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. May we[please trade lives for a few days. I'll let you return. I promise.

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  6. Andre'- I also adore Jiovonatti and have listened to him since he first began as a kid!

    my email is on the profile.
    I also have skype and am on facebook- divinacucina

  7. found your site throug david lebovich. given the terrible news re: the earthquake, i hope & trust that you & yours are safe.

  8. Madona Santa! Bisogno conoscere questo posto! Presto, alla prossima volta in Firenze!

    Great blog! Love it!

  9. L'ombelico del Mundo! Cafe Caracol - yeah, sigh. Sounds like it lasted a lot longer than I thought. Quantobasta sounds wonderful - let's go next week!