May 24, 2009

Trapani and the West Coast Tour

outside one of the Tuna shops in Favignana, Sicily

The old Tonnara plants in Favignana for tuna

Sometimes I have to travel for work, I know, it is tough living in Italy. We all make choices for the life we have. This is mine. I have always spent the small amount of money I have for travel- now I have a little more than when I was younger, but still am frugal. I bought tickets on Ryan Air, which allow me to run away and explore places, which keep my travel juices running!

I spent almost a whole month last year in Sicily with clients, after going twice to check things out on my own. I don't really use guidebooks much but I do read some about the most important things to see and do and then I read the paper when I am there, go to the tourist board, proloco's and then I explore on my own.

This fall I hope to return with a small group to Sicily again and next March I have a private tour I am researching for, of older Italian- American Mamma's coming back to the homeland.

In searching out new things for myself and my guests, I went to Favignana this trip-WOW.
It is one of the three islands off the West Coast, the Egadi Islands. Favignana was the base for the preparation of the tuna once it was caught.

I missed a food festival that was being held on Sunday- for an antique preparation of a "pasta" that they make, but did get the recipe!

It is tuna season and Favignana is the island for Tuna! In the old days, the Mattanza, was the way to catch the tuna, men would put out nets to catch these huge fish and then spear them to kill them. This ancient tradition isn't practiced so much anymore. But speaking with locals, there is still a passion and pride for those that participated. Here are some foto's which show you an example.

this is FRESH!

These giant red prawns are also locally caught and incredible!
We eat them as often as possible when in Sicily.

old anchor graveyard

There is no greater joy than to discover new places and new flavors- more on that later.
The local dish in Trapani is couscous... in a way I have never had it before.

I hope you can join me this fall- it will be a fabulous experience.


  1. I sure do love your posts like this!! I'm sure I already said that Italy is the place of all places that I dream of visiting one day. I truly thank you for taking us around with you!! It just delights my soul to see Italy through your eyes!!


  2. Thank you for sharing :-)

    I love Sicily, didn't have long enough there... We love fish, just look at those Prawns... mouthwatering!!

  3. The giant red prawns are fabulous! That's something you need to travel to actually taste it!

    Gabi @ mamaliga.

  4. I passed from the shop with the tune probably some time before you, because I remember it was missing slightly less flesh :)

  5. Judy-
    Love the pics! What great shots!!

  6. I've been wondering where the fabulous Italian tuna comes from. Now I've found an answer to that question and a new - to me unknown - island. Thanks.