August 6, 2009

Summer's Simple Pleasures-

There are some recipes that mark the seasons, probably one of my favorites is
Pane al Pomodoro.

A really ripe tomato, still warm from the sun.

A loaf of Tuscan bread, baked in a woodburning oven, saltless and "ignorante" as they say here.

The BEST extra virgin olive oil.

Sea Salt, I usually use my salt from the salt pans near Trapani.

Nothing could be better or simpler. Cut the tomato open width-wise and rub the cut side on the bread pushing hard. All that should be left in your hands is the skin.

Sprinkle with salt and drizzle with oil. This is the perfect food anytime of the day.

What "Bruschetta" is really all about. You can toast the bread, but I find this version is what most kids get as a snack and there is something pure about it.

Try it and enjoy what summer in Italy tastes like!


  1. Truly good stuff, although Catalans might have a grudge with this... Pa amb tomaquet is one of their "national" staples. In the end, sometimes good simple things are amazing and THAT is to me what Italia is about...

  2. There is a saying- stessa razza- stessa faccia.
    Same race- same face!

    In the Med- recipes are shared! I don't think I said it was only Italian- but rather what Italian kids are fed as snack food!

    And my big kid hubby often wants it as a light dinner!
    it is all about seasons and quality of ingredients!
    Grazie mille Roberto!

  3. Bravo!!! I love this simple way of enjoying fantastic food. Buonasera Diva!

  4. yummy oh and the bread amazing

  5. Sounds like a precursor to panzanella. Yum!