September 26, 2009

New Market to Table Class in Certaldo-

I am thrilled to be getting back into the Kitchen!

Francesca and I at her stand at the market

I start my collaboration with Villa Poggiolaia this week with a custom cooking class for a group, and then a full week Chianti experience for two sisters!

Saturday is the smaller market in the downtown piazza, so when I shop on Wednesdays at the larger, wilder market, I know I can still get more fresh products Saturday from Francesca.

But Wednesday is the most fun, the weekly markets are really you get to know a village. The stands move from one town to another .

Wednesday is also the Siena Market day around the Fortezza-
Thursday in Poggibonsi
Friday in Colle Val D'Elsa
Saturday smaller in the main Piazza in Certaldo- one fish stand and two fresh fruit and vegetables.

So when you come to a village I hope you can attend a market day- for me it is where I can pick up fun kitchen items are great prices. I have seen ceramics made for America at half the price.

Bring an empty suitcase to stock up!


  1. Chuck7:06 AM

    Ciao Judy. Might you have a recipe for pasta that uses figs?

    Trying to imagine them in a savory kind of sauce or mix.

    Love the blog!

    Seattle, WA

  2. Chuck- I have never seen an italian use figs in a pasta sauce.
    Do you mean fresh or dried?

    Fresh figs are often served with prosciutto or salami.

    I adore eating figs with gorgonzola cheese-

    and I have cooked fresh green figs in a risotto-
    with some sliced prosciutto, a touch or cream and parmesan- the fall about and become a cream- so that might work!

  3. try using the sweet fig/lemon balsamic on pasta with olive oil/butter sauce,different taste,clean.from grand daughter of Lipari

  4. Everytime I go to Farmer's Market I imagine I am in Italy. While the produce screams Minnesota, I stay in my daydream. One more month of market daydreams.

  5. Chuck, how about a fig/prosciutto riccota stuffed ravioli in truffle cream sauce with peas?