November 8, 2009

13 at the Table

Cinta Senese pigs are not the only ones pigging out in Tuscany

In Italy, thirteen at the table is unlucky as it is the same number Jesus had at the last supper and look what happened to him! However, for me thirteen has always been my lucky number and this week myself and twelve other foodies took on Chianti and were very lucky!

Blessed with good weather all week, except for a morning drizzle in Siena, we cooked, ate and drank our way through Chianti. I adore the planning of these trips. I try to personalize each one, depending on if we will be cooking more or touring more.

This week we alternated cooking days with touring and had a blast. We also visited a Cinta Senese farmer who also had wine and olive oil, this was a real treat.Casamonti is located just outside the town and is a little piece of paradise- happy pigs make happy pork!

Cinta Senese Prosciutto's aging at Casamonti

splendid fall colors in Chianti

What is fun for me too, is that most of the people on the tour share my same passion for fotography too. We had some wild paparazzi moments of everyone snapping away at the incredible views and magical places we visited. I can't wait to see everyone's foto's.

We were lucky that we came off season to see the grapes for Vin Santo hanging to dry at La Volpaia. When the grapes turn to raisins, in about 5 months, they will be crushed and the juices are then put in small wood casks and sugar and yeast added to start fermentation. The Vin Santo is ready 2 years later around Easter. True Vin Santo is a precious liquid, to be sipped and meditated upon!

The week ended and the rains came- time now to plan my winter trips teaching and to also set up next years programs in Tuscany and Sicily. Stay tuned!

I am updating the website and will post when the new calendar is ready.

Join me in January in San Miguel D'Allende at Casa Luna Cooking School, where I will be guest chef- I can't wait.

If you would like to book a custom tour for you and your friends, just let me know!
I love sharing my little piece of paradise.I do 2 to 12 people for custom weeks as well as collaborating with the Villa La Poggiolaia now from April to November.

New programs will be posted soon!

Tuscany in fall is at it's best, the new oil is out now and white truffles are in season. Each weekend has food festivals and we are ready to plump up for the winter cold! Next year join us here and celebrate falls flavors. Not to be missed.

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  1. Drool! Would love to be in one of your groups one day. Any one of your projects. Sognare ...
    p.s. 13 is my favorite/lucky number, too!