December 31, 2009

Out with the Old- Welcome 2010

Buon Anno Nuovo- Happy New Year

Looking forward to a fabulous 2010

This year has been one of change and 2010 is one of new beginnings.
Looking forward to seeing you in Tuscany or in Sicily this year
for my new weeklong programs.

fotos above- left to right: top to bottom

Me in Pompeii on PR trip to Naples: Self published my book; Stuffed Rigatoni from Gragnano; Andrea, my Leone!
Monday at the Market tours; Day trip to La Petraia; Roasted Tuscan Beans; Filming with Gary Rhodes
Boiled beef sandwiches at Nerbone; Deep snow had us snow-bound for 3 days; Barrel tasting at Luia; Olive harvest

2010 starts off with a bang as I am teaching at the lovely Rancho Casa Luna in San Miguel D'Allende for a week. Then I am visiting with my friend Ruth in Mexico City and catching up with Ricardo Munoz Zurita one of my favorite chefs and meeting some new friends thanks to Ruth.

February Andrea and I head down to Sicily to arrange where I will be holding my Sicily programs in June and September this year. We will do another coast to coast tour, starting in Palermo and ending in Catania. This year will visit Agrigento and Licata, which are the only two major places we haven't been.

April I am heading to Portland for the IACP conference and will teach at Robert Reynolds Chef's Studio and then head down to Seattle to do some classes too. ( Dates to be announced)

My new week-long programs at Villa La Poggiolaia are from April through November, so that will keep me busy.

May 2010 be good to all of us!

Everyone should try being Italian at least once a year!
Hope that 2010 is that year-
Cin Cin


  1. Hanneke12:29 PM

    hi, wish you and all your loved ones a beautiful 2010 in good health! greetings from The Netherlands, Hanneke

  2. Have been enjoying your blog all through 2009. Felice Anno Nuovo! Cin Cin.

  3. I have been enjoying your blog all through 2009. Many thanks. Felice Anno Nuovo! Cin Cin!

  4. auguri di cuore a te ed Andrea. Grazie di tutto.

  5. It promises to be a busy and eventful year for you! Have a wonderful 2010!

    When are you going to make it to Toronto? LOL

  6. Glad to hear you are coming out to Portland in 2010! We have a great food scene here that I am sure you will love! Let me know if you need/want any recommendations, although I am sure Robert is taking care of you!