January 17, 2010

Hola- Divina Cucina on the Road

As I sit here in my friend Ruth's apartment, waking up to see sunrise over Mexico City from her home in Condensa, I am finally feeling less exhausted.

This trip began with an early flight from Florence and a 5 hour lay-over in Amsterdam. I was thrilled when I saw the YoHotel- and although was a little weary of sleeping for a few hours in what I immagined to be some sort of a sleeping pod, I was so physically weary I went for it.

Am I glad I did- a small room with a very futuristic bedroom and bath. The bedspace was the size of a train sleeper- but much, much nicer. ( I will take foto's when I stop on the way back too!).

A fabulous single mattress a space in the wall which created a sleep cave- a choice of soft lighting, or reading lights and a flat screen t.v. built in the end of the wall at the foot of the bed.

There was space to pull down a tabletop and a folding chair- Free internet access, made me wish I had brought my computer. I had paid 6 euro, about 10 dollars for 30 minutes in the airport space. Across the room ( about 3 feet away) was the bathroom space, with toilet sink and a fabulous "monsoon" shower, one of those HUGE shower heads. I snuggled down to sleep in what turned out to be one of the best mattresses and fabulous linens. A down pillow and comforter made it a perfect nest.

When it was time to board, I left myself enough time to have an order of sushi and walked rested to my 12 hour flight to Mexico City. We arrived on time and my lugge arrived too, which always makes me happy. Cleared customs with the green light, which meant I got in all my food products I was bringing for class. Now praying that the books I sent over a week ago with Fed Ex also arrive in time.

I will catch up on my posts- as I figure out how to download the foto's on friends computers.

Adios! The adventure begins.


  1. omg! I think we must've just missed each other at the Mexico City Airport today!

  2. am late posting- came in late friday night!!!! sorry we didn't meet here-
    Next time!!!

  3. Can't wait to read your next posts.

  4. I've stayed in a Yotel, too (in London's Gatwick airport)! What funny little spaces! Our double room was more like a very small hotel room, the bed was not in the wall.
    I'd highly recommend it.

    You can see more about it on my blog at:

    Rebecca in Ticino, Switzerland= XpatAdventures

  5. Cool - we wondered what those YoHotel rooms were like. Now I wish that we had used them. We enjoyed the chocolate bar in Amsterdam - love that airport!

    Enjoy Mexico!

  6. Great post, love reading all your foodie adventures!

  7. Yotel - brilliant idea. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? I think a couple have opened here in the UK...