February 9, 2010

There is No Place Like Home

I did not get my fill of Mexican food this trip, not enough avocado's just with lime and salt.
I didn't eat enough food at the street markets nor did I bring back fresh chili's or limes this trip.

But when I arrived back in Tuscany- I wanted my Tuscan comfort foods.


A nice bowl of Tuscan slow-cooked beans with extra-virgin oil

or a simple plate of pasta, Spaghetti, Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino
with a Sicilian twist of breadcrumbs.


or a salad with our own fresh greens from our tiny "orto" which we planted this year


winter salads in Italy are the BEST- orange pieces and traditional balsamic vinegar

no Taco Stands!

Tomorrow I am heading down to the Central Market in Florence to do a market tour and if I can I will get a ripe avocado and some lime- I found some of my handmade flour tortilla's in the freezer and will recreate a Mexican meal for my husband who stayed home this trip.

Taking your taste-buds on vacation is almost as good as going somewhere, without the jet-lag.
I will recreate some of the simple food I love so much from Mexico and dream of next year, spending more time in Mexico. I adore dreaming and food makes the dreams seem closer.

Who knows where my meals will take me?
Expats- need to make our own flour tortilla's?
Let me know and I will post my recipe- very similar to the piadina.


  1. Can you get tomatillos in Italy?

  2. Yes! Post it. I made homemade flour tortillas for the first time a few weeks ago. They were really good-better than anything you can buy, esp here in Calabria-but I could still use a few pointers!

  3. dynisebasore12:45 AM

    Growing up in Southern California (and taking trips to Mexico constantly) makes me miss real tortillas...Going from being able to walk to buy handmade tortillas to making do with the ones at Esselunga :((

  4. Welcome home! Now I will go and prepare some beans.


  5. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Yes, please post your recipe for handmade tortillas!

  6. can't get tomatillo's but can get some nice green tomatoes from Sardegna.

    I am making the tortilla's today and then getting some black beans- will make my own sour cream and see how close I can get!

    I adore Cochinita Pibil- a orange infused slow cooked pork- or carnitas?

  7. the bean dish looks so hearty and good!

  8. Even in this day and age, one can't often find all that was habitual and comforting back home. I had lived in the States for decades before arugula arrived on the scene.