August 25, 2010

SummerFood Fest -Tomatoes the Italian Way

When one thinks of Italian food, usually it evokes a image of food floating in tomato sauce, huge bowls of spaghetti and meatballs, sauce everywhere! Pots of sauce cooking for hours over low heat, bubbling away like molten lava. There is even a word for it in Italian " pippare", that slow, low heat cooking which transforms food. One of my favorite recipes to make which uses this slow cooking method is a great summer recipe. Salsa Genovese is a specialty from Naples, not Genova as the name implies.

Pork ribs are slowly simmmered in an onion rich tomato sauce creating a pork-infused tomato sauce for pasta and fall off the bone tender ribs for your main course! What's not to love.

I have been having a lot of fun with Tomato Jam, the foto below is Mark Bittman's version with ginger and chili, which is the first time I saw it.

Last year, my internet friend from Sicily sent me a simpler version to use on ricotta or cheeses, more of a candied tomato preserve.  They looks like small jewels served on the cheese. No chili pepper or ginger, I like both. But in the Bittman version the tomato is a vehicle for the other flavors which step up front in the mouth.

There is really no need for me to create a new blog post on tomatoes-  I think when the tomatoes come into season all at once we are all looking for new ways to deal with them.

Last year, I jumped in to the Summer Food Fest and gathered together tons of recipes  including a Green Tomato Pasta sauce. This year with the odd summer we have been having, there will be tons of green tomatoes.

So here are the other Summer Food Fest merry-makers!
stop by the sites- get inspired- leave a note- or a link to what you are making.

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Thanks to Margaret and Deb and all the bloggers that dedicated time to sharing recipes- 

The kitchen rules!