November 6, 2010

Celebrating Oil- Simply

There is something about new oil-- everyone wants to share theirs and compare.

I just went and bought my first new oil and have been served the new oil already in three restaurants as Fettunta- Tuscany's olive oil drenched bread.

Toasted bread, rubbed with garlic while still hot, then given a generous drizzle of the thick green unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive oil- is pure pleasure.

don't be cheap with the oil!

I have just arrived in Sicily where we will be visiting two different olive oil producers and I will have to bring back oil from both to be able to compare and contrast the flavors.

I am staying with my group down at the Planeta Winery Estate in Menfi, where they are already producing tiny bottles I love for tasting classes, so will have to bring back several of those.

Then we are heading over to the Olio Verde Estate for their very special oil, made from the larger eating olives. I adore both!

Not all olives are alike, besides the different cultivars, climate also plays a large part.

I find that the oils match the foods from the regions as wines do which is why I have several oils as part of my pantry as well.

As I travel around in Sicily- we will add to the foto's of olive oil and olives! I think we are making Sicilian Pesto this week too- as well as cheese.

From my fabulous room in the middle of the vineyards with the sea in the distance-- I say Cin Cin!

It is time for our welcome aperitivo!!!


  1. You have the best place on earth.

  2. have a wonderful time in Sicily and enjoy the olive oils. I like the idea of choosing olive oils like wine, they each have a unique flavor depending on variety, area of growth and even from season to season. If you are ever in need of a taste tester, I am always available ;-)

  3. Olive oil soaked bread...what could be better? I could eat it now! Are you familiar with all the different oils of Italy or learning as you go along? I wish I knew more about Turkish olive oil.

  4. JayP- I don't know ALL the regional oils, but have had many and always pick some up where I am travelling. Not all regions of Italy make oil--
    I am in Sicily now and am at an oil producer staying the week- and going to another tomorrow!

  5. When I was in Sicily this summer one of our tour guides told us that there is only one kind of olive and the different colours of it are just indicative of a different state of you know if this is true!?

  6. Liana- where were you? Where I am now there are three kinds (cultivars)of olives used!