November 24, 2010

Certaldo- JAM

I often take the train from Certaldo down to Florence to do my market tours. Recently I noticed that the local pastry shop had their windows covered up. They often redo the interior- so was thinking that they were closed for renovation.


We have a new Pastry shop and Chocolatier in town!!

I had to stop in to check it out--- along with regular pastry for breakfast, coffee, cappuccino and juice, there is a whole dessert and chocolate section as well.

Andrea, the pastry chef chocolatier, told me that he will be adding hot chocolate for winter and in summer making artisan gelato!

I had a lovely small single portion, "mono-porzione" , dessert.

It was a take-off on a linzer torte, with a buckwheat flour crust and wild blueberry jam filling, covered in chocolate.

I am just coming down off the buzz!

Stop by! Tell the Divina Cucina sent you-


Piazza Mazzini, 1
Closed Tuesday
( Wednesday is market day in Certaldo)


  1. Noo, nooooo! You can't post this kind of posts here! :D LOOKS DELICIOUS! And I will keep this place (definitely!) in mind, next time we are in Tuscany! (also if it is 3,5 h of driving...)

  2. Also if I have to settle with Swiss Zopf and bio Blueberry Jam...I will think of that tortina..... :)