November 21, 2010

My First Saffron Harvest-2010

This August I did a cooking class for an Italian friend at her fabulous villa in Chianti and one of the guests at the class brought a lovely hostess gift for both of us; 20 saffron bulbs.

He gave me instructions for planting.... and I was so excited to see my bulbs sprout and flower.

Some of the bulbs were double so I harvested twice from almost all the plants.

Now I leave them in the ground and split the bulbs next year so will have quite a bit.
This year I have already done a risotto and a soup and still have some left.

Mille Grazie! I adore gifts that keep on giving!


  1. How wonderful to have your own saffron harvest, I love the photo collage you have included.

  2. I am so impressed! I guess I never realized that you could harvest saffron yourself.

  3. @paninigirl- I live in an area of tuscany where saffron has been grown since medieval times-- am lucky it liked my yard!

  4. How many bulbs do you need to harvest enough for your cooking needs?

  5. Wow, very cool! I didn't not realize you could just grow them... haha...

  6. I was given 20 bulbs. I harvested twice, most bulbs had two blossoms. it gave me a nice amount probably for making 4 recipes. I have made a small soup and a pumpkin risotto. I still have more to use. Next year, in June I am to remove the bulbs from the ground and divide them- so will have more than 40 plants! at that rate I will have a lot!