November 14, 2010

Sicilian Dreams

I need some time to let all the fabulous food, wine and new friends we made soak in to be able to write about our fabulous week in Sicily.

We stayed in Menfi as a homebase and spent a day in Trapani making cous cous and a day in Castelvetrano where we had a cooking lesson and a cheese making class too.

We studied with Angelo at Foresteria Planeta where we learned classic Sicilian recipes, made with style and discovered the nearby town of Sciacca with Angelo as our guide.

I am off to Rome today to meet with fellow IACP members in Rome-- so more great food and will catch up with some recipes when I return!

I can't wait to practice some of the new Sicilian recipes I learned. Hope you can join me next year for a weeklong program. My calendar will be up soon!


  1. will be waiting! And drooling in anticipation!

  2. Sigh. (Happy sigh. Anticipatory sigh.)

  3. ahhh those pictures have me missing Sicily myself. Funny how I have a life-long family friend whose name is Angelo Sciacca!

  4. Can't wait to see what you will be offering the middle of may?!

  5. wow! great, eco-friendly new look! Complimenti