January 27, 2011

Diva on Tour- SF Bay Area and Eugene

This year I will be coming back to the San Francisco Bay Area for three weeks.
Here is a list of events and classes-

Feb 11- Cooking Class- Lafayette- In Terry's Kitchen menu will be online soon
Feb 12th - KGO- on the radio with Gene Burns in Am
then cooking demo at Bloomingdales in afternoon.
Feb 13- Private party
Feb 16-Eugene, Oregon- Cooks, Pots and Tabletops class
Feb 18- Cooking Class- Lafayette- In Terry's Kitchen
Feb 19- Cooking Class- Rutherford- St. Helena Olive Oil Company
Feb 20- Book Signing- talk- SF- Italian American Museum
Feb 25-Back to Italy

Check out my new programs in Colle Val D'Elsa and dates for Sicily tours.

Hope to see you!


  1. Eugene? Come on up to Portland and I'll show you my charcuterie and introduce you to my pork supplier and a few of my friends who are winemakers.

  2. Oh my! I have your schedule pasted on my calendar. The closest to me is Eugene, 150 miles one way. I'm tempted!

  3. Thanks Portland Charcuterie Project- can't come this year- I went last year to visit. have a lot of foodie friends there- Do you know Camus? Robert Reynolds???

  4. rosaria-- well I am coming from Tuscany!!!

  5. Camus the philosopher? of course ..

    I've heard of Robert Reynolds, but don't know him. His studio is close to my home in sellwood.

    Keep on blogging, and I'm enjoying your forays into charcuterie.

    All the best.

  6. Camus as in Portland Meat Collective http://ladebrouillard.com/?p=200


  7. Who is TERRY?I own the HEN HOUSE in LAFAYETTE!www.vintagehenhouse.com.
    Small WORLD.......I just love this!

  8. @la contessa terry is a friend of mine--- that hosts cooking classes in her lovely home in lafayette- I am from the Bay Area and moved to Florence in 1984- saw your foto with Katherine at Cibreo!

    http://www.divinacucina.com I host culinary programs here in Tuscany--- and beyond!