January 26, 2011

Preserved Duck Breast "sott'olio"

In Italy, many foods are preserved under oil- "sott'olio". That includes pork.
Dario Cecchini makes a fabulous Tonno del Chianti, using a cooked pork, preserved in oil, which tastes like Tonno- tuna!

When I was down in Maremma, where the Tuscan cowboys roam, I was served an appetizer at a local trattoria which was cubes of wild boar salami and black olives in a jar with oil and herbs.
Having a left-over duck breast, I decided to preserve it using this technique.

my cured duck breast, olives and rosemary and bay leaves

place the cubed duck, layered with olives and herbs

cover in oil- I used olive oil, but lighter oils are fine

In my local food shops, alimentari, in the countryside, I often find small pork tenderloins which have been roasted, seasoned and then kept in oil. The oil keeps them from becoming dry. Older salami can also be sliced and kept this way.

Remove from oil and serve as part of a nice snack, merenda, with some sheep's milk cheese, bread and wine.

Preserved Duck Breast


  1. Judy, please post this to Punk Domestics! It's a marvelous idea.

  2. An ancient and marvelous idea!
    Do you mind if I send people over here from my food blog as well?

    I grew up in Southern Italy; we conserved everything sotto olio. Yet, I had not seen anyone ever mention this simple process anywhere.

  3. Oh, Judy, that looks so delicious!

  4. so if your olive oil is our duck fat, then this would be making Tuscan Confit. STG- Simple Tuscan Genius. bring me some good oil this summer? xx

  5. What a wonderful idea...I am going to try this.

  6. Happy new year to everyone, and my best wishes for a great 2011!

  7. Looks wonderful!!

  8. Really wonderful. I have left over from dinner. Going to try this one. Thanks!

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for this good post. You've done a great job for this article.
    All the things looks wonderful. Now we just have to do the same things for dinner.
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  10. hey I love Italian food, I have a friend that her mother is from Italy and she always makes the most delicious Italian dishes that my tongue has ever tasted!

  11. STG- Simple Tuscan Genius. bring me some good oil this summer? xx