January 26, 2011

Rome- Saturday Mercato Amica- BYOB

There is no way if I am in a town I cannot go to a market. I have visited Rome many times and the last trip I did the new Trionfale market with my friend David Lebovitz when he was down doing a Gelato tour.

This trip, I asked friends, and found a Saturday only market near the Circo Massimo. A farmer's market called Mercato Amico, local farmers bring their fresh and preserved products and sell directly. It is located on Via San Teordoro, right by the Circo Massimo.

BYOB- bring your own bag to fill with fabulous products made by those that grow your food and bring your own bottle if you want fresh milk.

the "happy pastorella"- cheese lady

quite the choice of artisan beers

sausage, salami, guanciale-- a pork-lover's paradise

BYOB- fresh milk, 1 euro a liter

herbs for the kitchen, essences and tisane

beans, beans and beans- as well as other products from her farm- got viscole jam!

winter greens

pasta made with ostrich eggs
jams and jellies
lovely bulbs

I only spent an hour or so here and wish I had an apartment and a week more to enjoy the great fresh products too. I understand there was a small lunch stand in the back corner behind the beer, but I didn't see it.

My friend Rossella, another blogger, met me at the market and then shared a secret! Around the corner is a great place to stop for chocolate, coffee, pastries and even a bagel! Cristalli di Zucchero was small but really lovely. They have a larger space across town with tables.

treasures from Cristalli di Zucchero

Mercato Amico
Via San Teodoro
Circo Massimo
All  Saturday


  1. hey, I think that you took a photo of the exact broccoletti that I cooked last night for dinner!

  2. those greens are beautiful!

  3. Great market! Thank you for the tour.

  4. I've been to Rome twice and always wanted to hit the market, but have yet to fit it in. I may just have to do a special trip just for that! :-)

  5. Rome is large and has so many markets, each of them a little different. To me, the market is the soul of the city.