February 25, 2011

My City by the Bay

When ever I talk to my sister and tell her I am coming home, she always says "You ARE home", meaning Italy. Time flies and I have now been living in Italy for 27 years- almost more than the time I spent in the USA. But there is something about breathing the air by the San Francisco Bay that I adore.

Usually I have too much to do to even get near the bay as my family lives out in the East Bay ( inland- no bay). This trip I was down by the bay for a book signing at the Italian American Museum. The Marina is lovely as always.

This trip was a whirlwind of classes and talks, interspersed with family.

Last night I finally got to go to dinner in SF at a place I have been dreaming about. Contigo
a Spanish and Catalana small plates restaurant. I was lucky to go with my friend Kevin and Cathy. Kevin does Tapas walks in SF and is an expert on Spanish Wines. He also teaches Spanish food classes and wood burning oven workshops.

I began following Brett ages ago on his blog in Praise of Sardines and it was a joy to finally be in his restaurant and see the dream come true.

Everything we had was perfect-- thanks Brett and Elan for your love and passion!

our starters

iberico ham

hamachi and watermelon radishes

incredible eggs, chorizo on papas bravas

cheese plate was great with sherry

desserts- blu bottle coffee flan, Olive oil cake, Gelato with EVO and sea salt

Great night- Great Friends- Great Food


1320 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 285-0250


  1. Looking forward to a trip to SF this year or next. Thanks for the visual recommendation.

  2. you made me really nostalgic;( i really miss bay area food! can't wait to try out some places this summer when i go back...didn't know there was an italian american museum by the way! welcome back (home?)

  3. The Italian American Museum has a fabulous space down at Fort Mason, art shows and events. PS there is an INCREDIBLE book store right in front if it!

  4. Oh my, I'm now hungry. Glad to know SF has such great places.

  5. Hi Judy, I was part of your Florence market tour last October (with the family from the farm in Vancouver). I told my friend Beth in SF that you were going to be in her city. Hope she stopped by.

    Enjoy your stay! It's a wonderful city.


  6. You know, as a foodie I think that if I had to choose somewhere to live in the US, it would be central California. It just seems there is so much wonderful food to be cooked and eaten, and a wonderful climate to boot!

  7. Love your blog!
    Have added you to my bloglist and hoping that you might do the same.
    Thanks for sharing