April 11, 2011

Spring Training in the Tuscan Kitchen- Green is IN

The markets have exploded with Spring!
After what always seems like a long grew winter, color is filling our kitchens.

Artichokes, fava beans, asparagus and now fresh peas. When cooking with the seasons, there are certain recipes which appear only in season and we celebrate by gorging on them.

In my garden all the fresh herbs are coming back to life and inspiring me to use them in the kitchen.

Everywhere I go now there are artichokes and asparagus in hundreds of different ways.
Usually in a trattoria, the owner will come and propose the daily specials, saying that they have asparagus, how would you like it? Risotto, Pasta, with a fried egg?

Simplicity is the key when cooking with fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.

How can you not be inspired by all this fabulous food?


  1. great PHotos, Judy! Thank you. Let me know the next time you come into town so perhaps we can hook up, okay?

  2. I love baking at the for the farmers market this time of year. I am surrounded by spring. All those photos could have been taken at our Market in New Orleans! I do love the markets in Italy. I am just always sadden I have no where to cook when I am there!

  3. Lisa- next time rent an apartment- or come cook with me at one of my market classes!!!

    Laura-- will do!!! it is drink time!!!

  4. Maureen12:59 PM

    Dear Judy - I know olives are not on your mind right now, but here in South Africa I'm ready to start pickling. I've dried olives in the past, but my usual way is some 10 days in fresh water replenished daily, then salt mix, then bottled in water/vinegar/salt. I'm looking for new ideas? Do u have any Tuscan secrets?? Love your site - and thanks for sharing with us. Maureen

  5. Maureen- I do salt-cured black olives- http://www.divinacucina-blog.com/2011/01/salt-cured-fresh-olives.html

    don't care for the brined ones-are you using black or green olives?

    there is another recipe using caustic soda ( lye) to leach out the bitterness.. I prefer the salt-cured.

  6. This is my favorite time of year. We planned a trip to Italy just to be there for this wonderful bounty (we leave in 3 weeks)!

  7. I'm with Maureen, I'm ready for olives right now. But i love all the greens you have here. I love your Tuscan secrets.