August 13, 2011

Grazie Mille- Kitchen Blessings

Thanks so much for all your feedback on my last post.

When writing, I often feel like no one is reading, since there are not many comments on the blog.
I do see I have a great list of followers. Mille Grazie to you all for letting me know I am not just talking to myself here.

The winners of my cookbook, Secrets of My Tuscan Kitchen are:

Andrea of From the Bookshelf
Lynda P

Please send me your mailing address  so I can send your copy.

I have another little something for my readers, some of my Patron Saints in the Kitchen for your Kitchen!

I grew up raised as a Catholic. Thirteen years of Catholic school and an overly religious mom sort of turned me off to mass etc but I seem to have a strange fetish for collecting holy cards and religious articles.

Growing up I remember one of my favorite books to read was Lives of the Saints, filled with the blood and gore of martry-dome. As an art major in college, the facination kept on, as most of the great art was in churches and learning to read the symbolism in the facinated me.

This continues today in my life as I have my patron saints in the kitchen too.

San Lorenzo, Patron Saint of Cooks
If you notice, San Lorenzo has a BBQ grill in his hand. The other hand is holding a palm leaf of sorts, sign that he was matryed. How you ask--- GRILLED ALIVE.

August 10th is the feast day of San Lorenzo, also called the night of the falling stars. In Florence, there are many celebrations of course as the Central Market is also known as the San Lorenzo Market, being near the Church of San Lorenzo.

As the tale goes, he was burned alive on the grill and half way through asked to be "turned over" as he was done on one side!

Just to be safe, I picked up another little saint in Mexico my last trip, San Pasqual Baylon, the creator of Zabaglione ( San Baylon).

San Baylon, I added the little wooden pig
My other favorite saint for the kitchen is San Antonio Abate, patron saint of the barnyard animals.
Most butchers that make salumi's have one in their kitchens too.

On San Antonio's day in January, it is time to slaughter your pigs and make prosciutto and salami's, hence the little pig by his feet.

Thanks again for all the feedback, I am in California now, dealing with my mom's estate, and catching up on eating sushi, mexican food and seeing friends!

Food for the soul!

And maybe a couple of pitcher's of Margarita's!


  1. I only came across your blog recently and just wanted to say that I really enjoy your postings. I was not aware that St. Lorenzo was the patron saint of cooks but what a interesting/horrific tale associated with him. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I am one of the guilty, silent ones, and I see the error of my ways. I read your blog and follow you on twitter, and look forward to each and every tweet and blog post. When I see something new from you, I go to read those first. We ARE reading!

    I will be in Florence in October and cannot wait to buy your book (too cheap to pay the postage). My sincerest sympathy to you on the loss of your mom, congrats on your new Mac Air, and my thanks for giving so much to your readers.

  3. Sorry I missed the post on your mother. :( My sympathy to you.

    I have a nice little greeting card image of St. Pasqual that I got in CA I think. He is happily framed with a red Ikea frame and spends the rest of his days in my kitchen, along with a little Italian mirror and an amulet against the evil eye from a local Greek festival. A little trio that makes me happy.

  4. I too have been dealing with my mom's estate. She died in November, 2010. I still have boxes of her possessions that I can't bear to part with. Fortunately, I have two daughters who are helping me deal with the loss and relish the memories.

    I always read your blog. Sorry that i haven't commented. I know what it feels like to wonder if anyone is paying attention to your hard work. We are, even if we don't aways acknowledge it. I will try to be more diligent.

    You are apprecialted. Believe that. Thanks so much for your effort.

  5. Even though I don't comment often Judy, know that I adore you from afar and live through you and your adventures throughout Italy...and beyond! I love the history of the saints. Fascinating. Bon chance in CA. ~Giuseppe

  6. Martha4:28 PM

    Don't forget St. Martha...

  7. I love this post, I too am a lapsed Catholic and collect all sorts of religious things, I have a church pew, a collection of crosses, saints & statues, I thought I might be a little crazy and I am so happy to hear you do the same thing!
    I love all your writings and look forward to each and every post~ thank you for what you do!

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  9. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Can someone tell me where to get the Saint Lorenzo Wall Plaque ?