October 19, 2011

Eating in Season in Tuscany

I just had to share--- yesterday was a perfect Tuscan lunch-

The foto above is a fresh burrata cheese, covered in white truffles. Burrata is not Tuscan and this is not a typical way to serve burrata or the white truffles- but I love it.

Batter-fried porcini mushrooms- they need no words.

Grilled porcini mushroom caps and stems. I ADORE FALL

Served with a HUGE 2 kilo Tuscan steak-- not the Florentine t-bone, but a Costata, which I often love more.

We started with a rosso di montalcino and went on to a brunello- then vin santo, passito di pantelleria and grappa--

Bring on Fall!!!

The white truffle festivals in Tuscany are in November, San Miniato and in San Giovanni D'Asso.

Our fabulous lunch was at:

cipolla rossa

it is just down the street from the Medici chapel


  1. Burrata and truffles...sounds like heaven

  2. Ohmigod! WHAT did I miss?! We've GOT to talk. Great photos!

  3. Oh Judy. There are no words that can describe that lunch. What heaven!

  4. Fried porchini mushrooms? That sounds amazing!
    I love Fall as well and it is finally here in Southern Canada!
    Beautiful colours.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

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  6. Anonymous10:36 PM

    On our next trip to Italy (March 2012), that restaurant is definitely on the list. I love Mario's but my husband wants to try different places this trip. Well, he wouldn't mind going to that bar where you took us back in 2005, where we drank thos fabulous margaritas that took about 30 minutes to make - those he'd definitely have again.

    Chris V.

  7. Yum! What did they serve on the base of the burrata? Is that shredded baby spinach, or is it basil?

  8. they served a chiffonade of peppery arugula!

  9. I love the food in Tuscany. It's my favorite. There is nothing better than eating nice juicy steak in Florence with crispy potatoes & creamy white beans dressed only in olive oil & rosemary. I'm making myself hungry!

  10. The fried mushrooms look too delicious. lovable !

  11. wait a second...I want to imagine the delicious food, the ambient in this part of the world consider by many as a part of the heaven, the place from where come the best wine in the world, anyway a real heavenly place, by the way, the last picture, oh my God! that meat look simply delicious.

  12. Thanks for the fab comments!!! I am truly blessed to have such great food around!

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