October 12, 2011

The Pleasures of Learning- ICAM

I think I am a perpetual student. I adore studying, hate tests, but love learning new things.
For the past 7 years, I have been helping my friend Pam with her Ecole Chocolat Italian program for graduates from her online-chocolate school.

We have been doing the Tuscan chocolate valley with visits and workshops with the masters there, but finally we got into the Professional program at ICAM in Lecco at Lake Como. (No we haven't seen George Clooney.)

It is such a pleasure to learn new flavor combinations and catch up on what's new. As with any recipe for food in Italy, each chef has their own flavor palate and version of what seems to be a  classic recipe.  And as with other recipes, your food is only as good as your ingredients, so spend time to buy the best!

They say the Devil is in the details.  We were really WOW'd with details in our lessons!

The walk to school daily took us along this river and we have been blessed with incredible weather and that light that inspired so many artists.

But life is not just school when we travel- we also have meals and meet locals.

We discovered a lovely wine bar in the center of Lecco with a charming host that made us feel at home.

How could we not have fun when the evening begins with a magnum of Bellavista?

I am working-- so just wanted to send a few foto's to wet your appetite--- for Italy.


  1. Wow...never have I seen such beautiful chocolates. They are truly works of art.

  2. Bonnie3:14 AM

    What a fabulous combination of experiences - haute chocolate, vino, the water, and all that lovely italian light...

  3. Just makes me want to come to Italy all the more!!

  4. Wow, indeed! Thank you for the great photos and for the vicarious tasting!

  5. Judy -- the white chocolate one looks like it's for Christmas, am I right? WOW! Would love to know where to find some of those in the USA.

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  7. Simply Superb Chocolates. Awesome,Cheers !!

  8. wooooooow if I could, I would eat those photos up in a bite, those chocolates look so good and delicious, I imagine myself having one of those chocolates inside my mouth hmmmm yummy!