October 3, 2011

Sweet Sunday- Dolcemente Pisa

I attended the Dolcemente Pisa chocolate show on Sunday.  I am constantly amazed at the quality and quantity of artisan food producers and their passion.

left to right: Spumador, Dolcemente Pisa, Vegetable couscous with chocolate nibs
Gelateria I Coltelli (Pisa); Tartufo di Pizzo (Calabria-Pisa), Gluten- free pastry shop ( Lucca)
Mauro Iannantuoni (Milano), Torrone from Sardegna, Donna Elvira ( Modica, Sicily)

The show has food stands  mostly from Tuscany but also from other regions of Italy and a couple from other countries. Not only chocolate.

There was also a restaurant, run by my friends Paul and Cecilia DeBondt, who are always creative and fun.

Paul was cranking out lovely delicate pancakes, with butter and a lovely syrup while Cecilia was overseeing the Sunday brunch table. I took multiple trips back to enjoy the various dishes they made, incorporating chocolate in many of them, but not over doing it to be wacko.

Everything was lovely but I especially enjoyed the cous cous with vegetables and cocoa nibs a lot, there was a pork in chocolate sauce ( not mole) and my favorite was a olive tapenade with capers and chocolate. The depth of flavor was incredible.

I then took a cooking class offered by La Scuola della Cucina Italiana, taught by Chocolatier, Mauro Iannantuoni. We watched as he made a multi-faceted dessert which we then assembled. As it was a class for professionals, no need for hands-on for all of us, but  we did get to assemble it and eat it!

Multiple flavors and techniques--- almond sponge cake, ricotta cream, toasted candied pinenuts, Almond sable' and a carmel mousse with pear puree.

I hope you can come to Dolcemente Pisa next year- Pisa is so much more than just the tower!


  1. Just returned from Italy -= and Pisa. Sigh - did just see the Tower... does it count that we also spent most of that day in Lucca? I'd love to learn to make good torrone.

  2. I buy torrone!!! it is a long process and very sensitive to moisture! it takes a long long time to whip up the egg whites-- We tasted a fabulous chestnut honey torrone with incredible toasted almonds from Sardegna and another great one from Sicily-

    it is already dangerous enough to buy pieces-- immagine the temptation of having huge amounts at home?

  3. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I get the sense that a trip to Dolcemente Pisa would have converted me! Looks like a lovely time and Pisa is a lovely city.

  4. I have heard a lot of good things of Dolcemente Pisa and I think that all that is so true after reading your post and looking at your pictures, amazing!