November 27, 2011

Discovering Puglia- Again

Each trip I make down to Puglia, makes me want more.  The Trulli, small cone-shaped homes looking like something from J.R. Tolkien. Ancient olive trees with hollows in their huge trunks. One almost expects to see hobbits or trolls.

one of the many abandoned Trulli homes

no, I am not thinking " a little fixer-upper". been there done that!
ancient olive trees

Driving around the countryside,  the stone walls create a sharp contrast with the deep rich red soil.

fields and fields of chicory

After visting Puglia for several years I am finally going to offer a week discovering the secrets of the Pugliese kitchen with me.

I am in the process of finalizing the dates, but probably in June 2012.

My groups are small and very hands-on cooking as well as touring cheese makers, wineries and bakeries.
The breads in Puglia are some of my favorite in Italy. 

Can't wait to share my friends with you!

Coming up next will be some recipes from Puglia to give you a little taste-


  1. I can't wait for the recipes! Have a question: do you have a recipe to make cornetti? The Italian version of a croissant? Thanks. xo

  2. Sorry- no recipe for the cornetto!!! am sure you can google it!

  3. Love those trulli and also the beautiful old olive tree. It must be incredibly old! Thanks for the great pics.

  4. Very nice pictures! If you want to read some of my Puglia recipes of my grandmother and mother, I have published them on my italian Puglia blog. Some of them are really traditional :)

  5. Looks very intriguing, I would love to taste that bread!

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Great pictures, but just imagine how many more great pictures you could have if you did get a fixer upper and post here. :)


  7. My family is from Puglia. We recently obtained our dual Italian citizenship through my grandfather's family who was from Casamassima. Plus, in addition to having owned a small grocery store in New York where they emigrated, he was a Baker.......

    I am enjoying following your blog, and have begun one of my own. Take a look It is just at the beginning stages and I can see it takes time to find your voice and direction.

    Looking forward to knowing more about Puglia and le recette.

    Salve, Lisa

  8. Lovely pictures!

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  10. Looking forward to knowing more about Puglia and the recipes, all the big British celebrities chef are going to Puglia lately. I watched the Puglia houses the another day in the BBC program Italy to top to toe of Francesco Da Mosto.
    The bread look really rustic and cook in a brick oven or similar. Hope you can post some bread recipes as well

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