November 24, 2011

Divina Cucina on the Road- Puglia

Probably one of my favorite parts of my job is doing research. I adore creating custom programs for people based on my travels. I have been down to Puglia over the years and have been dying to bring students with me to share my love for this incredible land.

view from sitting room at Ca' del Fico

We came down to visit our FB friend Antonello and his girlfriend Laura of Southern Visions Travel, looking into the possibility of working together on a Puglia program for Divina Cucina. 

at one of the lovely terraces in Polignano

I adore the red soil in Puglia, the secular olive trees, the fabulous bread, the incredible intense flavors of the vegetables and the beautiful ceramics.

Each trip I learn see new places and learn new things.

Can't wait to share new friend, new places and some new recipes.

We are off to tour some markets and then prepare thanksgiving for about 20 people. Will be a blast. I already made pies and cranberry sauce.

More to come



  2. what a great post! thank you for sharing! appreciate it!