November 9, 2011

New Harvest- Zafferano

Last year I was gifted saffron bulbs. I was thrilled with my success and this year split the bulbs, gifted some myself and then replanted this fall.

When I returned from Naples on Friday, my first blossoms were up and it had started to rain, so I ran out to gather the first blossoms.

I brought them into the house and separated the blossoms from the stamens and left the stamens to dry.

I can't wait as many of the bulbs have multiple blossoms.

I think I will make a Sicilian inspired pasta with the saffron this year.

Pasta con le sarde, fresh sardines cooked with white onions, currants and saffron in the cooking water with wild fennel greens.


Saffron panna cotta?

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  1. Hi Judy, WOW!! You are the only person I know who grows their own saffron. How cool is that? I can not wait to see the entire harvest and to hear what you cook up. Brava!